(Whose) Value voters?

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Linda Milazzo, writer and CODEPINK member based in Los Angeles, wrote this column describing her experience at a Palin rally in Carson, California. She writes she attended the rally not to see Palin but Palin supporters...
"I went to see the Palinettes -- the supporters of this unspectacular woman who had so readily been won over. I wanted to meet them and speak with them and understand their attachment to this lowest common denominator politician -- a woman so unqualified for Vice President that her appointer running mate should be imprisoned for treason. As a patriot and voter, I disagree categorically with the choice of Sarah Palin. I seek knowledge, experience, maturity, integrity, charity, clarity, humanity, intellectual curiosity, and wisdom from the leaders I select. Since Palin, in my opinion, exhibits none of these traits, I wanted to assess her supporters' rationale (or rational-ity)."

Raises a great question...what if everything you hold dear as a voter (such as those values Milazzo mentions) is totally shunned by others? If person X and person Y view the world in completely different terms with wildly different priorities, and have only two major parties to choose from, how could they agree on one "perfect" candidate?

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