"Not even blood samples can get out"

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Linda Todd Gharib, a delegate on CODEPINK's most recent delegation to Gaza, is still in Gaza and just penned this fairly disturbing account of the medical crisis there on her blog here. Because of Israel's extremely strict blockade on the border of most food, building supplies and medicines, not to mention enormous restrictions of traveling in and out (Gazans are not allowed in or out, nor are most foreigners, as we learned on our delegations), Gharib writes, nearly all of Gaza's sick do not receive proper medical care as they cannot obtain proper medication, equipment, cannot travel out for necessary operations, cannot bring in new doctors (especially specialists).
Children are dying because of the closure. Gaza has doctors and they have hospitals, but they can’t do their job because Israel doesn’t allow the flow of personnel and supplies.  Not even blood samples can get out for testing and testing supplies can’t get in.

Read the rest of her account here.

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