CODEPINK Activists Testify at Russell Tribunal on Palestine | WATCH LIVE VIDEO HERE!

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Nancy Kricorian, Coordinator of CODEPINK's Stolen Beauty campaign targeting Ahava Cosmetics, and Rae Abileah, our Roseroots and Middle East Coordinator, will testify in London this weekend at the Russell Tribunal. The focus of the Tribunal is on corporate complicity in Israel’s violations of international law.

The site maintained by Nancy, Rae and the CODEPINK team states that, "Ahava promises 'Beauty Secrets from the Dead Sea,' but the real secrets it keeps are an ugly truth—its products actually come from stolen Palestinian natural resources in the Occupied Territory of the Palestinian West Bank, and are produced in the illegal settlement of Mitzpe Shalem."

Nancy writes, "We will be testifying on Saturday afternoon about Ahava and its occupation profiteering at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. The focus of the London session will be on corporations profiting from Israel's occupation, and Rae and I are really excited about meeting with scholars, activists, attorneys, human rights campaigners and others who will be testifying or are on the jury for this historic tribunal."

You can stream live video of the Russell Tribunal by clicking below.

Saturday 20 November: 10:00-13:30, 14:45-18:00 (GMT)
Sunday 21 November: 10:00-13:30, 14:45-17:30 (GMT)

For more information about the Russell Tribunal, click here.

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