8 Years in Iraq is 8 Years Too Many

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

    8 years ago, the US government invaded Iraq, a sovereign country, based on a single (lying) source claiming that weapons of mass destruction were being produced. The White House and Defense Department claimed “liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk.” As Medea Benjamin and Charles Davis point out, from the death toll to the bankrupting of our nation to the complete destruction of Iraq, it is time for the US and all of its private contractors to leave Iraq.

8 years later, the US has built an embassy as large as Vatican City.

It’s past time to bring US troops home from Iraq. It’s past time to stop spending billions on private contractors—contractors who rape their own employees, defraud the government of $1.4 billion, and haven’t been able to complete the simple task of keeping the lights on.

This week, the US Justice Department filed a lawsuit against KBR, the largest contractor in Iraq, claiming they got kickbacks from a subcontractor.
"Kickbacks in military subcontracts open the door to wartime profiteering and corrupt the integrity of our government contracting process," said Tony West, assistant attorney general for the Civil Division.

In 2007, KBR, Fluor and Dyncorp were awarded a $150 billion contract over 10 years. The contract should be ended immediately and the unused money used to fund human needs here in the United States.

As Representative Kucinich said in Madison, WI recently,
Part of our program for economic reform is we end the war in Iraq, we end the war in Afghanistan. We stop this national security state. We bring our troops home from around the world. We stop the Pentagon control of our government. We break the hold by breaking their budget. NO MORE WARS!

Educate Washington!

Let’s Bring Our War $$ Home! We’ll start by organizing locally - getting our city councils to adopt resolutions calling for the end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US government must use its financial resources to rebuild our society: fund education, support alternative energy programs, and rebuild our bridges and roads. Follow us on Twitter.

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