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Youth Statement In Support of Iran Deal

We as youth believe there is no future in war.

Once again, US politicians, pundits, and special interest lobby groups are beating the drums of war, trying to get the United States involved in yet another conflict by rejecting the historic peace agreement brokered between the US, the P5+1 (US, UK, China, France, Russia + Germany) and Iran. These are the same individuals and organizations that orchestrated the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq based on blatant lies—lies that have cost countless lives and trillions of dollars. 

We, the youth of the world, have grown up in war, war war. War has become the new norm for our generation. But these conflicts—declared by older people but fought and paid for by young people—are robbing us of our future and we’re tired of it.

How many times do we have to be lied to, how many times do we have to be tricked, how many times do we have to be exploited until we say enough is enough? We are tired of war! War accomplishes nothing. War only fattens the wallets of economic and political elites, leaving millions dead in its wake. War only leads to more war, destroying the planet and emptying the national treasury in the process.

The international community overwhelmingly supports the negotiations with Iran, and, once again, it is just the US and Israel that are defying the will of the international community. We have had enough of being rogue states. We want to work with the international community, not continue to fight against it. 

We, the youth of the world, are taking a stand against war and reclaiming our future. We must give diplomacy a chance and support the peace deal with Iran.

War does not work. Period.


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