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Beyond the War: Yemeni Food

Join CODEPINK and Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation for a conversation with Lana Luqman. The “Beyond the War” Yemen cultural series will attempt to showcase Yemen outside the realm of tragedy with an emphasis on Yemeni history, celebrations, and excellence! We will be reading questions from the audience to Lana throughout the webinar. CODEPINK’s Danaka Katovich and Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation’s Arwa Mokdad will be hosting this webinar. 

Lana Luqman is a Yemeni-British citizen of the world. She grew up in Yemen, Somalia, and France. After earning her degree in International Business Administration, she returned to Yemen and worked with international aid organizations. Currently, she lives in Brighton, UK.

Despite living outside of Yemen, her mother continued to cook Yemeni food at home and Lana was able to travel and taste food from all over the world. When she left Yemen six years ago, she discovered her passion for Yemeni food. She believes that we all have a passion hidden within us and close to our hearts that only grows when shared with others. Through this talk, she hopes everyone will fall in love with Yemen and its diverse cuisine.

Not long ago, traveling and trying food from different countries was a privilege, but now thanks to the internet and social media more people can explore the world with a click of a button 😊 So, click the button below and register to travel to Yemen! Please RSVP for the Zoom info!

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