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Webinar: Divest Vermont from the War Machine!

Money makes the world go around, and we all know the expression “follow the money” but how do we find the money trail, and what then?

Join this webinar to learn tools and tactics to cut off the flow of money to the weapons industry. From research, to advocacy, to action, there are options for everyone. We will discuss current efforts to divest Vermont from the war machine and how you can get involved in this campaign! 


James Ehlers: James’ work focuses on the merits of communities, states, and the Nation investing in an Inclusive Economy, an economy where sound public policy in energy, agriculture, urban and suburban development, healthcare, and jobs is reflected in the health of our water, air, and soil, and ultimately our personal well-being regardless of gender, race, orientation, age, religion, or social standing.

Carley Towne: CODEPINK Co-Director, Divest from the War Machine Campaign

Cody Urban: Divest from the War Machine Organizer, CODEPINK


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