Want to feed hungry children, or enrich military contractors?

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

With the House of Representatives voting cuts to food stamps by $40 billion over 10 years, and threatening a federal government shutdown if the Affordable Health Care Act goes into effect, U.S. taxpayers wonder why there always seems to be enough funding for weapons and wars.

In 2013 Congress gave the Pentagon a whopping 57% of the discretionary funds in its annual budget. Campaign contributions and other goodies from lobbyists for the weapons and security industries buy influence with elected officials who are supposed to represent the people.

How can the bottom line of military contractors be more important than feeding hungry children?

Look at what our taxes already fund, and compare the price tags for areas threatened with cuts:

Weaponized drones cost up to $120 million apiece vs. Food stamps for 900,000 people for a year

NSA and other intelligence gathering by the Pentagon cost $52.6 billion last year vs. Health care for 20 million children for a year

Guantanamo prison detention for one person already cleared for release $900,000 per year vs. College fully funded for 10-20 students for a year

Cuts over the last several years have already reduced much needed services to our most vulnerable populations, especially children and the elderly. It's time to bring our war dollars home and put them to work building jobs, health care, education, renewable energy, and healthy food.

What would you rather see your taxes spent on?

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