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Nuclear Abolition Webinar with Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREPA)

Join CODEPINK and the VFP Nuclear Abolition Working Group for a special presentation and discussion with the new Coordinator of the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREPA), Tanvi Kardile. 

OREPA has been the watchdog and tip of the sword in the resistance to our nuclear weapons program in Oak Ridge Tennessee. For a quarter of a century, our good friend Ralph Hutchison has led the charge for sanity and the reduction of nuclear arms but he has now retired and handed the torch to Tanvi.

Tanvi brings a wealth of study and experience to OREPA, She has studied international security including nuclear weapons security, attended law school focusing on international and environmental law, and did pro bono work in law school providing free legal services to low-income community members who needed access to family immigration services. Her goal at OREPA is to bring a new generation of activists and focus on the environmental racism issue of nuclear weapons.

Ms. Kardile will provide a presentation and status on Nuclear Weapons and how we can all take action, even in a small way to let our government know how we stand. There will be time for Q+A after.

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