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Venezuela Delegation NYC

DSA International Committee and CODEPINK are teaming up to host three Venezuelan feminist activists, Mónica M., Anggie H. and Yolimar M., to the United States to discuss the impact of illegal US sanctions against their country and how they disproportionately hurt women and children.

Mónica M., Anggie H. and Yolimar M. will travel across the country to speak about life under illegal US sanctions and the Venezuelan resistance to hybrid war. Join us in NYC!

All registrants can livestream the event on May 28th at The livestream will begin around 5:30PM ET. In-person attendees can join us at The People's Forum in NYC: 320 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018. You must bring proof of vaccination. A mask is strongly recommended, but not required. The People's Forum is wheelchair accessible, including its gender-neutral bathrooms. Please arrive by 5PM ET so that the livestream can begin by 5:30PM ET.

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The People’s Forum
320 W 37th St, Nyc, NY 10018, United States,

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