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We are starting a Peace Insurrection encampment on the Hill to say NO to War on Syria till the vote goes through sometime next week. We will be spending all day and all night for the next week at Congress, and invite you to join us for this urgent cause. We will be drafting a People's Resolution as an alternative to war, visiting our elected representatives every single day, painting and chalking and creating visuals, building a dialogue booth for folks to talk about long-lasting solutions to this impending invasion, and anything YOU want to do. Bring your chairs, sleeping bags, pots and pans, art supplies, spirit and positive energy! Camp Peace Insurrection, starting tonight at the corner of Independence and New Jersey Ave. at 5 pm (across from Cannon Building). Let's do this, and stay tuned for updates!

Call: 415-235-6517 (Medea) or 845-625-3725 (Noor) if you need any more information, or e-mail noor@codepink.org


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