Update from Gael Murphy in Gaza

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

I'm still in Gaza, as are 9 others. The rest of the delegation is through the border and on their way to Cairo. They delayed at the border to wait for Abdullah, our one Palestinian delegate who was turned back. He will try with some of us on Sunday and if that fails there are a few days next week that the Egyptians will allow Palestinians to cross.

We went to the camps again today and recorded horrible stories. Visited a health clinic where 3 new mobile clinics donated by Spain ($250K/each) were bombed by an F16 while parked overnight in their compound. The only reason the night guard who had been sitting between the vehicles was not killed was because he had gotten up to get coffee. Drink Gaza Coffee, It Saves Your Life! War crimes abound. Tomorrow visits to the Palestinian Human Rights Center, Palestinian Relief Center, interviews with ambulance and fire engine drivers who were shot while retrieving injured, drama therapy for traumatized children at Shiva Hospital, etc. Friday morning going out with the fisherman and afternoon visit to another camp. Heading to the south on Saturday to see the farms where Israelis have been sniping Palestinians farmers and maybe, if safe, visit the site of the tunnels. Sunday cross back to Egypt and head home on Monday.

Because of the political silence in Israel and the rest of the world many Gazans are feeling very afraid that another assault will come soon. All Gazans want is peace. And the US is the only country that could stop another assault. We have hard and fast work to do ladies. Call your members of Congress.


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