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Help Us Support Girls’ Schools in Afghanistan!

A group of U.S. women leaders from different fields, all of whom have done important humanitarian work in Afghanistan for many years, will be traveling to Afghanistan to witness the opening of girls’ schools as the school year begins this spring.

The U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan in August of 2021 impacted businesses, NGOs, and schools alike. When the western countries withdrew their troops, they also withdrew support for basic services like education that the country relied on. In addition, they froze the assets that the Central Bank had overseas, making it impossible for the government to pay its civil servants. To make matters worse, the designation of the Taliban as a terrorist organization and the sanctions imposed on Afghanistan have contributed to the severe economic crisis that Afghanistan is now facing.

The schools face tremendous challenges. Teachers have gone for months without salaries, and payments continue to be erratic. Students whose families are suffering from extreme poverty are unable to pay for their school supplies. There is no money for the upkeep of the schools or regular payment for support staff.

With the funds we bring, we will help girls get school supplies and teachers get paid.

At a time of great change in Afghanistan, girls’ access to education has never been more critical.

Thank you for your help.

$8,944 raised

GOAL: $10,000

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