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Dear Supporter,

We are thrilled to extend to you the chance to promote diplomacy as a global peace ambassador with CODEPINK on any of our five upcoming international delegations:

Traveling to any of these three culturally and historically significant locations is the perfect way to enrich your understanding of the cultural heritage, geography, and political issues facing each country.

> In the West Bank, Palestine, you will have the chance to experience incredible Palestinian hospitality, learn from our partners at the Canaan Fair Trade Association, harvest olives, and witness continued nonviolent resistance to the oppressive Israeli occupation.

> In Cuba, you’ll experience a culture and a people who continue to thrive despite US sanctions and embargos. You’ll learn about the on-the-ground impact of the rapidly normalizing relations between our countries, and the work that’s left to be done.

> In Western Sahara, witness first hand the role of filmmaking in the nonviolent resistance movement to end the Moroccan occupation. Traveling with filmmaker Iara Lee (who made Life is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara), we’ll be there for an annual film festival. We’ll meet with women’s groups and political artists. The date is TBA! Please fill out this form if you’re interested in the trip!

We hope you’ll consider joining us for one or more of these trips.
Alli, Chelsea, Janet, Jodie, Lisa, Medea, Michaela, Michelle, Mike, Nancy and Tighe

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