This Week in Accountability, July 16, 2011

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

This Week in Accountability, July 16, 2011

Former Guantanamo Navy photographer Elisah Dawkins who served in Iraq is facing deportation to the Bahamas and federal prosecution for lying on his U.S. passport application. Dawkins attended high school in Miami, went to nursing school and joined the Navy. While stationed at Guantanamo, he photographed the everyday life of detainees. On returning back to the U.S. from Guantanamo he was arrested by the F.B.I. Dawkins trial took place early this week where the community of Miami rallied in his support.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on the Obama administration to investigate detainee abuses under the Bush administration. HRW released a 107-page report titled "Getting Away with Torture" providing background and operations of torture.  Attorney General Eric Holder has indicated the administration would not prosecute any U.S. officials who acted in 'good faith'.

Former Tony Blair chief of staff’s partner writes a play about her life leading up to the Iraq invasion. Sarah Helm a long-partner to Blair chief of staff Jonathan Powell describes her opposition to the Iraq war and how the invasion changed her home life.

Blackwater (Xe) former and current employees claim they have evidence that the mercenary company overbilled the government $300 million. Blackwater is being sued for alleged contract fraud under a whistleblower lawsuit.

International arrest warrant is sought for former Bush CIA General Counsel John Rizzo. Rizzo is a current legal adviser to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who has been complicit in torture, ill-treatment of detainees, the establishment of secret prisons, extraordinary and kidnapping and destruction of torture. The legal human rights organization Reprieve which is known for representing detainees at Guantanamo and death row and lawyers from Pakistan are leading the way in seeking an international arrest warrant. John Rizzo admitted in a Newsweek interview that he approved CIA drone strikes.

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