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Tell Your Representative to Support The Third Reconstruction Act!

Call on your Congressional representative to join Reps. Barbara Lee and Pramila Jayapal to support the Third Reconstruction: Fully Addressing Poverty and Low Wages From the Bottom Up

Reps. Barbara Lee and Pramila Jayapal joined with leaders of the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival to introduce a new bill, the Third Reconstruction: Fully Addressing Poverty and Low Wages From the Bottom Up, which calls for bold action to address the inter-connected injustices of systemic racism, ecological devastation, and militarism.

The bill calls on Congress to:

  1. cut the military budget by at least 10 percent and provide for a just transition for workers in militarized industries; 
  2. end the forever wars, repealing existing Authorizations for the Use of Military Force, and restore Congress’s war powers, including over limited uses of force such as airstrikes and drone attacks; 
  3. recognize the three pillars of foreign policy (diplomacy, development, and defense) and pursue diplomacy over war, including reconsidering forward military deployments, instituting a nuclear no-first-use commitment, and moving toward nuclear disarmament and curtailing the use of broad economic sanctions that create mass suffering. 

Use our tool below to email and tweet your representative.

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  • Koray Sarac
    commented 2021-06-05 17:58:39 -0400
    you cant find, those Value, like Peace, with a Weapon in your bloody hands!

    Weapons, just kill, lifes!
    Doesnt matter who you are, from where you come, where you wanna go, which language your tongue speaks, with which music and Culture you move your body!

    One Word, hundreds of dead peoples!

    Thats Not Right!
  • Patrick McCann
    commented 2021-05-29 15:55:41 -0400
    The moderate to left wing of the war party!
  • Marianna Riser
    followed this page 2021-05-29 10:42:52 -0400
  • Sandra Marr
    followed this page 2021-05-28 21:58:35 -0400
  • David Keeler
    followed this page 2021-05-28 18:55:48 -0400
  • Stephen Malloy
    commented 2021-05-28 15:51:19 -0400
    I hope they do more than write sternly worded letters. Vote as a bloc, demand concessions!