The choir's singing the wrong tune

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Making a bigger buzz for our protesting....and the questions from reporters, "Isn't protesting here like preaching to the choir? And why protest Obama?"

Questions Kelly Nuxoll of Huffington Post asks in her post today:

"It's not an either/or choice," said Anne Toepel, a 41-year-old elementary school teacher who founded Code Pink's Denver-Boulder chapter. "I like to think of it as 'pushing' Obama to adopt a peace platform. Protesting at the convention is a chance to do something positive."

Toepel and her fellow volunteers--a pair of sisters in their mid-forties and fifties, a law student at NYU in her early twenties, a fortysomething woman who has never participated in anything like this before--had gathered this morning at the Mercury Cafe, a few miles from the convention center, to discuss strategy and logistics. Instead, over organic, fair trade coffee and breakfast specials like the Impeach Omelet, they ruminated on the larger issues they believe are undermining the country's democracy.

Kelly Nuxoll: CODEPINK group pushes ahead with protests [Huffington Post]

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