Tear Gas at Mears Park, 4 p.m.

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Just an hour ago in Downtown St. Paul, at a planned action by the RNC Welcoming Committee, tear gas was used to control the crowd, which appeared to be "gettin' rowdy" across from the hotel where some of the delegates are staying, according to one witness.

Chris, a seeming Republican with the Missile Dick Chicks, was walking by with his brightly dressed crew of slutty lookin patriotic ladies in red, white, and blue wigs, when a couple kids wearing masks and hats started raising a ruckus. "I think the thinking was, the anarchist kids were getting out of control," he said. "The cops on the horses were getting nervous, you could tell." 

"We had to leave," he told me. "The wind was headed in our direction." he told me. The people with the masks began to blockade the road, and then ran off, he described.

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