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Tax Day Cut the Pentagon & Global Mobilization to Stop Lockheed Martin

We are demanding that Lockheed disarm and convert to making things that sustain life, such as clean energy and transportation systems.

We will attempt to deliver a petition telling Lockheed to begin conversion to peaceful industries. Please sign here!

We are demanding that Congress stop taking campaign contributions from the war industry and enact the Green New Deal to provide good green jobs for Lockheed employees so they don't have to participate in killing.
Half of our taxes go to war and weapons, and half of that huge amount goes to weapons companies. On "Tax Day" we need to look at Lockheed Martin-- the largest weapons company on earth, with facilities in nearby Palo Alto. It's time to call out Lockheed for what they are-- merchants of death, war profiteers making a killing on killing, and the greatest impediment to peace and security on the planet.
LM's thirst for profits has made peace impossible. LM sells killing weapons to countries all over the planet, including to regimes that violate human rights, like the Saudis and Israel. LM made the 500-pound bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen in 2018. LM won big in Afghanistan, making 1000% profit on the failed U.S. war and occupation. LM is delighted that the war in Ukraine means more weapons sales.
LM donates millions to members of Congress who continue to pass gigantic military budgets. LM has facilities in 40 states employing thousands, making those states dependent on the war industry.

The war industry, led by Lockheed Martin, supplies the military, which is literally killing the planet with their fossil fuel-driven wars and military bases polluting countries around the world.

Please join us.

When: Friday, April 15, 11:30am-1:30pm
Where: Lockheed Martin facility in Palo Alto
Meet up at El Camino @ Page Mill (Palo Alto Plaza parking lot) 11:30am. March to Lockheed Martin facility
To join a carpool or offer rides from SF and East Bay, email [email protected].
Facebook event here.

Sponsors: CODEPINK, Pacific Life Community, World Beyond War, Environmentalists Against War, Raging Grannies, more




El Camino @ Page Mill (Palo Alto Plaza parking lot)
3251 Hanover St, Palo Alto, CA 94304, United States,

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