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Nuclear Weapons and Switzerland: On Treaties, Nuclear Disarmament and Sustainable Security Architecture

Nuclear weapons are one of the few threats with the potential to wipe out all of human civilization. How do we deal with this politically? How do we build a safer world in the coming decades? This is what we will discuss at this event with high-profile speakers at the international and Swiss levels. 


Where does the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons stand? Will the treaty be of any use even if the nuclear powers do not ratify it (yet)? Can the treaty form the basis for a future global peace and security architecture?

  • Florian Eblenkamp, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons ICAN
  • Wendela de Vries, Campagne tegen Wapenhandel, Netherlands
  • Ruth Rohde, Corruption Tracker Project/ ArmsInformationCentre (RIB)
  • Daniele Taurino, Movimento Nonviolento/Rete italiana Pace e Disarmo

Chair: Jan Jirát (WOZ / Die Wochenzeitung)

Language: English, interpretation to German and French available


What would be the benefit of Switzerland joining the treaty? Why has the Federal Council still not signed the treaty? How can we speed up the process?

  • Carlo Sommaruga, Councillor of States (upper house of parliament), Social-Democratic Party
  • Marionna Schlatter, National Councillor (lower house of parliament), Green Party
  • Melanie Mettler, National Councillor (lower house of parliament), Green-Liberal Party
  • Jonas Heeb, political secretary, GSoA

Chair: Jan Jirát (WOZ / Die Wochenzeitung)


Watch the livestream here. 

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