Surprise support and gift baskets for Gaza in California

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

I went to see (retired) Col. Ann Wright speak last night here in California on her recent trip to Gaza and the upcoming international aid delegation to Gaza in March -- it was the first time I've had a chance to meet her, and of course it was so inspiring. The talk was held at a local church, and the minister passed out cards where people could write questions for Ann to answer during the Q & A session.

Rather than a question, I decided to write something to let people know that if they couldn't join the delegation to Gaza but still wanted to help, they could send a gift basket to the women of Gaza through CODEPINK for $10. The minister read my card to the audience after all the questions, and asked whoever wrote it to stand up. I did and introduced myself, and got a hearty round of applause. People were so excited to hear that they could do something simple and effective to help.

I was swarmed afterwards with people asking questions, and received a total of $40 from three people who said they didn't have computers, plus promises by many others to donate through the website. I wasn't planning on using the event as an opportunity to fundraise, so while I didn't make a lot of money, I hadn't expected any, so it was a lovely surprise, and it helped me see how eager people are to be able to help in a tangible way. I'm working on the alert now, and am hoping our membership will feel equally moved to give.

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