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Biden: #CutThePentagon and #CancelStudentDebt

Call on President Biden to #CutThePentagon and CANCEL student debt! 

While President Biden deliberates the Pentagon budget for 2023, there’s a persistent myth that we just “can’t afford” to cancel $1.7 trillion of student debt. 

But did you know that the dangerous and disastrous F-35 program will cost $1.7 trillion over its lifetime?

We CAN afford student debt cancellation and education for all. We CAN’T afford to pour more money into the deadly U.S. war machine. 

The debate about canceling student debt is happening at the same time that the Biden Administration deliberates the Pentagon budget for 2023. Call on President Biden to #CutThePentagon and CANCEL student debt! 


Dear President Biden,

I’m calling on you to #CutThePentagon and CANCEL all student debt.

As you deliberate the Pentagon budget for 2023, millions of Americans are losing work, can’t afford their bills and are struggling to put food on the table. Student loan defaults are hitting Black, Indigenous and brown borrowers the hardest. With the stroke of a pen, you could cancel $1.7 trillion in student debt and provide financial relief to 45 million people across this country.

Some claim we “can’t afford” to improve the lives of millions of people, however, over the past twenty years, the U.S. spent over $21 trillion on the so-called “War on Terror”. We can’t continue down the path of destructive U.S militarism which has caused untold suffering at home and abroad.

It’s time to #CutThePentagon and invest in education. We can start by cancelling all $1.7 trillion in student debt. But we have to continue by investing in our education system. For $1.7 trillion, we could invest in 361,335 Scholarships for University Students for 4 Years. 

President Biden, you led the way by ending the U.S. War on Afghanistan. Now, we’re calling on you to do what we do desperately need: to #CutThePentagon, cancel student debt, and invest in the lives of working people across the country. 


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