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Stop the F-35 Fighter/Bomber: Raytheon's Money Machine

At $80 million per plane, Raytheon is right there ready to cash-in on the F-35 fighter jet and nuclear bomber. Not only is this mass killing machine powered by a Raytheon engine, it is loaded with Raytheon missiles (like the ones that devastated Yemen), global positioning system, distributed aperture system, anti-jam GPS receiver, and data-processing system.

Join us at 4pm at Fresh Pond Plaza to oppose Raytheon’s F-35 giant cash register that will surely drain our resources from low income programs, contribute vast amounts of fossil fuel emissions to climate change, eventually kill thousands, and possibly launch World War 3.

You may have heard that the F-35 has had a few glitches along the way. Here is a 30 second video of this technological wonder in action (be sure to watch it all the way through).

Participate in this campaign with other actions in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Nova Scotia, DC, Madison, Philly, Burlington, Vancouver, Toronto, Bay Area and more!




Fresh Pond Plaza @ Fresh Pond Mall
545 Concord Ave, Cambridge , MA 02138, United States,

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Raytheon Anti-War Campaign · · 617-354-2169

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