Join Eve Ensler, Alice Walker, Angela Davis, Gloria Steinem, union presidents, leaders of worker movements, activists, actors, film directors, religious leaders, teachers, professors, civil rights leaders. lawyers, farmers, writers, workers, students, heads of companies, intellectuals, poets, AND sign TO join the movement to end hatred, fear mongering, bullying, racism in America.

We believe Trump is a grave threat to democracy, freedom, human rights, equality, and the welfare of our country and all our people.

We have witnessed Trump inciting hatred against Muslims, immigrants, women, the disabled. We have seen him evidencing dangerous tendencies that threaten the bedrock of democracy: unleashing a lynch mob mentality against protestors, calling for the expulsion of Muslims from the country, bullying, and fear-mongering.

History has shown us what happens when people refuse to stand against hate-filled leaders.

We pledge ourselves to speak out in every way possible against the politics of hate and exclusion he represents.

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Bob Rushford
Noama Iftekhar
Brent Rocks
Brinton Lykes
Dorothy Schwartz
Brian Runyon
Mary Mutch
Glen Martin
Alan Young
David Landau
Henry Weinberg
Hannah Fisher
Roberta Roban
Patrick Henry
Toni Caldwell Clark
Pat Taub
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  • Bob Rushford
    signed 2016-01-22 16:13:04 -0500
  • Noama Iftekhar
    signed 2016-01-22 16:12:45 -0500
  • Brent Rocks
    signed 2016-01-22 16:12:22 -0500
  • Brinton Lykes
    signed 2016-01-22 16:12:10 -0500
    Brinton Lykes
  • Dorothy Schwartz
    signed 2016-01-22 16:12:02 -0500
  • Brian Runyon
    signed 2016-01-22 16:12:01 -0500
    Although I’m a Republican, Trump, if he is the nominee, is to me, nothing more then a fool and a biggot with no political experience at all.
  • Mary Mutch
    signed 2016-01-22 16:11:56 -0500
    Mary Mutch
  • Glen Martin
    signed 2016-01-22 16:11:49 -0500
    Dr. Glen T Martin
  • Alan Young
    signed 2016-01-22 16:11:29 -0500
    Trump is unAmerican!
  • David Landau
    signed 2016-01-22 16:11:17 -0500
    David Landau
  • Henry Weinberg
    signed 2016-01-22 16:11:16 -0500
    Henry Weinberg
  • Hannah Fisher
    signed 2016-01-22 16:11:16 -0500
  • Roberta Roban
    signed 2016-01-22 16:11:10 -0500
  • Patrick Henry
    signed 2016-01-22 16:10:35 -0500
  • Toni Caldwell Clark
    signed 2016-01-22 16:10:30 -0500
  • Pat Taub
    signed 2016-01-22 16:09:42 -0500

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