On Sunday February 10, responding to reports that she was to be “punished” for criticizing Israel and supporting BDS, Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted “it’s all about the Benjamins, baby.” Not more than a few hours passed before Omar found herself facing an avalanche of attacks.

We know the dangers of anti-Semitism come not from human rights champions like Ilhan, but from white nationalists like Donald Trump. We will not sit by and watch Cong. Ilhan Omar be attacked for accurately critiquing AIPAC for exerting outsized influence on our politicians.

Send a message now to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs telling them to stand with Ilhan Omar. 

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Dear Committee Members:

Representative Ilhan Omar represents us when she speaks out about Palestinian human rights, Saudi bombings of Yemen, and the US-orchestrated coup in Venezuela. She must not be removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

What Omar said about AIPAC is an open secret about all lobbying firms in the United States: they use money to influence Congress.

We call on you to support Rep. Omar and stand with her as she takes leadership on destructive policies. Rather than attacking Omar, you should take issue with the yearly $3.8 billion (that’s a lot of “benjamins”!) we give to Israel to maintain its occupation of Palestine. You should take issue with the US shielding Israel from UN condemnation for its massive human rights abuses. You should take issue with Trump’s support for Israel’s illegal annexation of Palestinian land.

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