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CODEPINK Sidewalk Gallery of Congress

“The regressive policies which produce 140 million poor and low wealth people are not benign. They are forms of policy murder.” — Rev. William Barber, co-founder of Repairers of the Breach and the Poor People’s Campaign.

As we all know, Kansas is the first state in the country where the post-Roe vote on abortion rights is being held, between now and August 2nd. So when the ‘Vote Yes’ camp screams at us to “Value Them Both”, we say to them, “your words ring hollow when most of these 140 million Americans are women and children.”

Come join CODEPINK, Kansas’ Sidewalk Gallery of Congress on the sidewalk of Ad Astra Books and Coffee House, 141 N Santa Fe Ave, Salina, Kansas, on Monday, August 1st, between 5:30 & 7:30 PM for an election-eve ‘Vote No’ rally in which we will both exhibit and produce art, planting pink-seeds of resistance to “policy murder.”

Sidewalk Gallery of Congress is a mostly spontaneous community street-art space where YOU are the artist, the speaker, the resister to violent govt. policies. Wear some pink and bring your voices, your homemade signs, chalk, paper, markers etc., and let’s say it one more time: Kansas, VOTE NO on August 2nd!

Can we count you in?




Ad Astra Books & Coffee House
141 N Santa Fe Ave, Salina, KS 67401, United States,

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