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Joe Biden is throwing an exclusive party at the Exploratorium @ Pier 15 in San Francisco on Wednesday evening as part of the APEC event.

Biden has said that there is "no possibility" that he will support a ceasefire in light of  the unrelenting bombing, starvation, and genocide on the civil population of Gaza. Despite polls showing that 66% of voters and 80% of Democrats in support of ceasefire, despite pundits saying that he is losing the youth vote, with his approval rating among Arab Americans having plummeted to 17%, Biden stubbornly refuses to listen to the world's calls for ceasefire.

Let's give voice to our anguish. Join us to tell Biden "CEASEFIRE NOW!"

Bring a white sheet for our die-in. We will have "Genocide Joe" and "Ceasefire" posters to hold.

Can we count you in?




Pier 15 Embarcadero, San Francisco , CA 94111, United States,

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Cynthia Papermaster ·

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