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SF August 18: Golden Gate Bridge Peace Walk

Join CODEPINK and RiseUP to ask visitors on the bridge to sign a petition demanding background checks on all gun purchasers. Will you join us?

The U.S. is the most violent nation on the planet today, occupying and/or regularly dropping bombs on nations in Asia and Africa, and forcing it’s toxic military bases on foreign lands against the will of the people. It is also the largest weapons dealer in the world, profiting from the sale of arms at the expense of global stability and peace.   

At home, we have the worst incidence of random mass shootings, and police violence in the world. It seems a no brainer to conclude that violence is not the answer.  As mass shootings continue to occur more and more frequently, we say ENOUGH!   

10:45 am:  Gather at the SF end of the eastern walkway of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Parking available on all 4 "corners", just remember to take the last exit on hwy 101 as you approach the bridge, or the first exit after you leave the bridge. Arrive early for best parking.

Noon:  Walk on the eastern walkway from the north or south ends, to converge in the middle.  Short, silent vigil in the middle.

12:00 pm:  Rally on SF side after the bridge walk.




Caroline ·

Can we count you in?