Stop Supporting Saudi Arabia and Other Persian Gulf Tyrannies

According to Time magazine (April 24,  2011) the U.S. has spent over $8 trillion on military forces in the Persian Gulf in the last four decades, supposedly protecting the Gulf from the Soviet Union and then Iran. The effect has been to give backing to absolute monarchies opposed to religious freedom, female equality and decent treatment of workers. These hereditary despots are infamous for inflicting beheadings and floggings on those calling for human rights. 
Our government made no objection when Saudi tanks entered Bahrain and helped its Sunni ruler suppress the democratic movement for Shia rights. In Yemen the U.S. helps coordinate the Saudi bombing campaign that has killed thousands of civilians. These policies have spurred tremendous anger against our country. 

Stop wasting taxpayers' money defending injustice! Close the U.S. bases in Kuwait, Bahrain and the Emirates. Bring our soldiers and sailors home NOW.

Dear President Obama and the US Congress:

The U.S. has spent trillions on military forces in the Persian Gulf. Washington supports tyrannical regimes, wars and cruel occupations without making us safe. Close the U.S. bases and bring the fleet home NOW.

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