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Sanctions Kill: International Days of Action

Sanctions Kill International Days of Action March 13, 14, 15 and 16.

Join CODEPINK in saying "Sanctions are Warfare" "Sanctions Kill" this weekend. Participate in the following events to help educate and bring awareness to the US public as to the use of Unilateral Financial Sanctions as economic warfare. Sanctions are now impeding countries such as Iran and North Korea from purchasing and importing vital medicines and medical supplies necessary for combating CoronaVirus. You can help with this vital educational campaign this weekend.

March 13, 14, and 15 (all day): Online Social Media Campaign.

Click to download and print the CODEPINK Sanctions Kill selfie card below. Take a photo holding the card and post on your social media accounts. Be certain to include: #SanctionsKill #CODEPINK

March 16 (5pm PT/8pm ET): Sanctions 101 Webinar with Dr. Kee Park

Learn the fundamentals of US Unilateral Sanctions. What are sanctions, how are they imposed and what allows the United States to successfully destroy sovereign economies and societies without firing a weapon.

Kee B. Park, MD, MPH, is a lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine and Director of the Korea Health Policy Project at Harvard Medical School. He also serves as Director of the North Korea Programs at the Korean American Medical Association, and has led over 20 delegations to North Korea since 2007 to work alongside and collaborate with North Korean doctors in the DPRK. Most recently he co-authored the October 2019 report “The Human Costs and Gendered Impact of Sanctions on North Korea”

Register below to join our webinar on March 16, and we will send you the link to participate!

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