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Ask your Rep. to reverse Trump’s cruel Cuba policy!

Before you click, check this list of Representatives who have already signed. If your rep isn’t on the list, fill out the form to the side and if you can, give your them a quick phone call using the sample script that pops up.

Signers of the Rush/Cohen/Moore Letter on Cuba:


Bass (CA)
Beyer (VA)
Blumenauer (OR)
Castro (TX)
Cicilline (RI)
Cohen (TN)
Cooper (TN)
DeFazio (OR)
Doyle (PA)
Grijalva (AR)
Johnson (GA)
Kelly (IL)
Khanna (CA)
Lee (CA)
McCollum (MI)
McNerney (CA)
Meeks (NY)
Moore (WI)
Norton (DC)
Phillips (MI)
Payne (NJ)
Pocan (WI)
Pressley (MA)
Rush (IL)
Schakowsky (IL)
Welch (VT)

If your representative is on the list, click here instead to send them a thank you note for their leadership on this issue!