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Whitehouse and Reed: Reduce Military Spending!

Tell Senator Jack Reed to Cut the Pentagon Budget!

We ask people to call Jack Reed, Armed Services Committee Chair, to tell him that they want him to reverse course. We are protesting Cicilline and Langevin's votes for this excessive military authorization, boosting from $782 billion to $840 billion!

What: Call on Jack Reed to reduce military spending!

When: Wednesday, October 12th - 4:30-5:30pm

Where: Providence, RI - 1 Exchange Terrace across from Kennedy Plaza (outside Jack Reed's office)

Contact Jonathan [email protected] with any questions.

Gathering sponsored by: East Bay Citizens for Peace, Pax Christi RI, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Justice Team, BLM RI PAC, Rhode Island Anti-war Committee, No Endless War or Excessive Militarism, Providence Democratic Socialists of America

While we appreciate our congressional delegation's support of the Inflation Reduction Act just passed by the
Senate, this is merely a down payment on what is needed to address the climate crisis and health care costs
burdening people. If less $$$ were spent developing more weapons of war and renewing and revamping all of
our deadly and destructive nuclear arsenal, we could make proper investments in climate resiliency as well
as in housing, education, student debt relief, and social supports and structures.

Cicilline - 401-729-5600
Reed - 401-943-3100
Langevin - 401-732-9400
Whitehouse – 401-453-5294

We appreciate our congressional delegation's support of abortion rights and of reasonable restrictions and regulations on gun use and access in this country. Guns don't make the streets of America safer. More and more increased weaponry around the world - including upgrading and expanding our nuclear arsenal - doesn't either.

We are trying to penetrate mainstream thinking that military escalations are normal and need to be the drive of world communications. Can we emerge from these crises - Russia - Ukraine / China - Taiwan / Israel - Palestine / a nuclear Iran - the list goes on. Can we work on security agreements and new or renewed treaties? Can we refocus efforts toward the sought after new societal template?
We gather to call for diplomacy, not escalation, especially given Putin's recklessness and nuclear threats. We need to continue to condemn Russia's nuclear threats but also move away from escalation to diplomacy. In addressing Russia’s threats, former Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen told This Week co-anchor Martha Raddatz, “President Biden's language--we're about at the top of the language scale, if you will. And I think we need to back off that a little bit and do everything we possibly can to try to get to the table to resolve this thing.”

A key way would be for Reed and Whitehouse (and President Biden) to lead a call for the Senate to pass a resolution of ratification for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). This would be a powerful message that the U.S. will move away from nuclear threats and build global pressure for other countries like Russia to do the same. Threatening global neighbors with nuclear annihilation, which the U.S., Russia, and North Korea have all done currently and in recent years, is not acceptable as we need to move toward a new global template of interactions and problem solving. Related to North Korea, we need to continue to condemn their missile launches, but our actions need to be louder than our words. Condemning North Korea's nuclear development is empty rhetoric when at the same time, we are upgrading our nuclear arsenal.




1 Exchange Terrace across from Kennedy Plaza
Providence, RI, United States,

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