Republicrat Donors Study

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

An updated study out this week from the Campaign Finance Institute and the Center for Responsive Politics,  tallies the political influence of more than 170 corporations, unions and other organizations picking up the tab for the Republicrat Conventions.

Together, they've donated more than $112 million to the conventions, and have spent $1.5 billion on federal campaign contributions and lobbying since the 2004 election. 

Read more on the corporate influence of politics here and the study in full here. The study breaks donations down into sponsors, amounts, and percentages, and is worth a good gander. My favorite, of course, are the 48 of the 173 donors that contribute to both political parties—and I do mean part—AYs

What's up, Target, 3M, Visa? Playing both sides against the middle? Could it be you don't actually care who wins, just want to make sure you get to keep your piece of the pie?

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