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Refreshing to hear Obama say...

Send a note to your Senator and tell them you want diplomacy with Iran, not more sanctions!


January 22, 2015

Dear Activist,

Last night during his State of the Union address, President Obama declared that he would veto any Congressional efforts to impose more sanctions on Iran–– sanctions that would undermine the nuclear efforts underway. We’re thrilled to hear this from the President, but we know that some members of Congress are still determined to sabotage the negotiations.

Can you take a minute and send a note to your Senator to tell them you want diplomacy with Iran, not more sanctions?

Today, the day after the 5th anniversary of theCitizens United Supreme Court decision, we bemoan the influence that wealthy lobby groups have on our foreign policy. For years, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has been pushing for more sanctions on Iran––and even war –– because they think Iran’s nuclear capabilities pose an existential threat to the state of Israel. AIPAC and some members of Congress are so alarmed by President Obama’s diplomatic approach to Iran that House Speaker Boehner invited Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in DC for a special talk before a joint session of Congress on February 11. You can bet that we’ll be out in the streets calling for “Diplomacy: Not Sanctions!”

The forces allied against the nuclear talks are trying to gather enough Congressional votes to override a presidential veto. We must stop them. Will you help by emailing your Senator today? We can win this.

With faith in diplomacy, 
Alli, Anna, Brynn, Janet, Jodie, Katie, Kristin, Medea, Nalini, Nancy, Nathan, Sergei, Sophia and Tighe

PS: Join CODEPINK and friends in DC to protest AIPAC on March 28-February 2nd!