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RE/MAX's dirty little secret: join us in our new campaign!

Help stop the US-based real estate company RE/MAX from selling Israeli settlement homes.

Dear Activist,


The Israeli government announcement that it was building another 1,000 settlement homes in occupied East Jerusalem was met with worldwide condemnation, including an Emergency UN Session on Wednesday. If you are outraged and want to do something about it,join us in our new campaign to stop the US-based real estate company RE/MAX from selling Israeli settlement homes.

Settlements have displaced thousands of Palestinian families in Jerusalem and the West Bank, and are illegal under international law. We’ve reached out to the Chairman of the RE/MAX Board of Directors to call on RE/MAX Israel to halt the selling of settlement properties, but he has ignored us.

Help us make our voices heard:Send a letter to Dave Liniger, the Chairman of the Board at RE/MAX and tell him to put an end to the sale of settlement homes by RE/MAX Israel!

After you’ve sent a letter to the Chairman, call RE/MAX headquarters (303-770-5531) to register a complaint. Let them know that RE/MAX International should put an end to RE/MAX Israel’s complicity in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The RE/MAX campaign is part of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. It’s a call by Palestinian civil society groups to boycott Israeli companies and institutions that are complicit in Israel’s brutal occupation and its discriminatory practices against Palestinian citizens of Israel. The boycott movement is a non-violent way to end Israel’s impunity and to hold it accountable for its violations of human rights and international law.

We’re excited to let you know that the BDS movement just scored two major victories…

The online shopping site GILT has dropped Ahava cosmetics, which are made in the illegal Israeli settlement Mitzpe Shalem using stolen Palestinian resources. GILT is a leading shopping website with over nine million members! This is thanks to the amazing work done by CODEPINK’s very own Nancy Kricorian, who runs our Stolen Beauty Campaign.


After immense pressure from BDS advocates, the Israeli-owned soda machine company SodaStream is closing its factory in the West Bank settlement of Mishor Adumim! Ever since CODEPINK and other human rights groups exposed SodaStream’s factory origin in an illegal settlement, company stocks have gone down and the boycott movement is having a real impact. Help us spread the word by sharing this image!


The BDS movement is experiencing victories across the world, but Palestine is still occupied and the settlements are growing. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to join the global struggle for Palestinian human rights.

These campaigns WORK! Be a part of the next one andsend a letter to Dave Liniger, RE/MAX Chairman today, and stay tuned for the launch of our campaign website on November 29, theInternational Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. If your organization would like to endorse the campaign, email [email protected].


In solidarity,

Alli, Anna, Anastasia, Jodie, Janet, Jes, Kristin, Medea, Nathan, Nancy, Polly, Sergei, Sophia, and Tighe