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Rave Revolution – Dance to End the War Economy!

Wars and climate collapse will continue as long as the war economy exists. Our profit-driven system which considers increased billionaire profits and fossil fuel sales as progress needs to come to an end. For peace, and for planet, let's disrupt business-as-usual. And let's dance.

CODEPINK is partnering with Rave Revolution on April 21st for an Earth Day weekend where people who care about the world we inhabit will join in celebration, rage, and creative catharsis. Join the CODEPINK War Is Not Green contingent at this groundbreaking event combining innovative electronic music and a music festival ethos with powerful, system-shaking protest!

Rave Revolution has one primary demand which will dismantle the war economy: Dump GDP, and adopt GPI. Genuine Progress Indicator as an economic metric places value on things like education, forest cover, and air quality, and if adopted, would change the conversation on progress in America forever. No longer could weapons contractors or massive new police training facilities be proposed without weighing the horrible costs they impose on people and planet. If we change how we measure progress in this country, we may actually be able to achieve some.

With speakers and organizers across labor, anti-war, and climate movements, and renowned DJs scoring the whole affair for a legendary outdoor dance party, Rave Revolution will be a protest to remember!

IMPORTANT: Friday's Manhattan location is top-secret, but will be revealed that morning! Register here to receive a Telegram link so you can get alerted when the location drops!!!




Manhattan Location, To Be Announced


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