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Hold Rep. Quigley Accountable for War Profiteering!

On March 4th, we will be rallying outside of Rep Mike Quigley's office in Chicago calling him out for his votes to increase Pentagon spending - a move that benefits his campaign donors like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing and more. We will be in front of his office with the big checks written to him by war profiteers and joining the national calls for a War Powers Resolution for Yemen. Help us hold Rep. Quigley accountable! 

The rally will be an hour then organizers will be traveling to Sean Casten's office in Glen Ellyn for a similar protest. Please coordinate your own transportation if you would like to join us in front of Casten's office as well! 


Students for Justice in Palestine DePaul
Black Alliance for Peace
Chicago Committee Against War and Racism
Chicago Area Peace Action
Chicago Area Peace Action DePaul 
Democratic Socialists of America - Chicago 
Young Communist League 
Divest Quigley 
Medicare 4 Mike 

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Rep. Quigley's Congressional Office
3223 N Sheffield , Chicago, IL 60657, United States,

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