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Protest War Hawk John Bolton’s First Day as National Security Advisor

On Monday, John Bolton becomes the National Security Adviser to the president. At a time when we need cool heads to move us through critical negotiations from Iran to North Korea, John Bolton is the last person we want advising the president.

A key proponent of the Iraq war, Bolton will not even admit that the invasion of Iraq was a tragic mistake. His calls for bombing North Korea and overthrowing the Iranian government are terrifying. And you know what’s also terrifying? Bolton’s appointment to the position does not require Congressional confirmation.

Join us on Monday to say that John Bolton does not represent our values. We want want real security through peace, not someone who will cause instability and war!  We want peacemakers in the White House, not war hawks.

Cosponsored by World beyond War, Popular Resistance, and Just Foreign Policy




in front of the White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington , DC 20500, United States,

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Paki Wieland ·

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