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Protest Killer Drones Speaking Event @ Air & Space Museum

On October 27, the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC is sponsoring an event called “Predator: Transforming Modern Warfare with Drones” with speaker James G. “Snake” Clark, who personally oversaw killer drone operations.

Killer drones have murdered thousands of innocent people in Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Recently, the Drone Papers revealed by The Intercept showed that the terror (and inaccuracy!) drones have wrought has spread anti-American sentiment throughout the world, and their use has created a state of perpetual war with minimal transparency and accountability. Join us to protest outside the Air & Space Museum to tell them to stop glorifying these horrible tools of war!

Find out more and RSVP on FaceBook here. Co-sponsors include World Can't Wait,, the ANSWER Coalition. Let us know if your organization wants to co-sponsor!

Can we count you in?




Air and Space Museum

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