Protest at Unconventional Women Event

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

11 a.m.: About 45 CODEPINKers stood up with banners, chants and singing inside the Unconventional Women event held inside the Denver Performing Arts Center.

Many of them, in their bright pink glory, were escorted out by security to the entrance of the main lobby. But moments later, founder Medea Benjamin (still inside) emerged into the lobby and began chanting, and other members swarmed back to her, and an impromptu protest began. Flustered security called for back-up, and a phalanx of police arrived, about 50, into the center.

The CODEPINKers stood in two lines, banners held in front of them, and began singing "We Are Ready For A Peaceful World" and other chants, and Medea began explaining the crowd that CODEPINK wants peace to be the number one priority on the Democratic platform.

Reporters, surprised by the event, made their way over to the group and police, realizing the women were harmless, moved back. Photos and video to come....

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