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Princeton, NJ: Divest from BlackRock

BlackRock is an international investment firm that provides its clients with accessibility to Lockheed Martin stocks; they have more than $5.6 billion invested in the weapon-making company.

And while you may not know BlackRock, the CEO Larry Fink recently made a statement that he was going to start holding the companies in which they invest accountable for being responsible corporate citizens. BlackRock talks about corporate responsibility, but through Lockheed Martin, it invests in weapons of war that cause devastation throughout the world.

map.pngJoin us on Wednesday, March 28th at 5:30 pm at the BlackRock Princeton Headquarters, 1 University Square Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540 (Just off of Route 1 South.)

We will meet on the south side of the building (by the red circle on the map) and then walk in front of the concave side of the building so that we can take some photos. If anyone has any questions or comments or if anyone would like a ride from downtown Princeton please contact:

Let’s hold BlackRock to its own standards of being socially responsible by calling on them to divest from Lockheed Martin and the military-industrial complex. You can't make a "positive contribution to society" if you are making a killing on killing!


Can we count you in?




1 University Square Dr, Princeton, NJ 08540, United States,

Google map and directions


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