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Peace in Ukraine Sept Week of Action Day 2

Tuesday September 13

National Write-In Day to the White House and State Department

Whitehouse Email:

State Department Contact Form:

Tell the President & Secretary of State Blinken to:

  • Call for a ceasefire.

  • Offer U.S. support for peace diplomacy between Ukraine and Russia. The Istanbul proposal by Ukraine and the earlier Minsk agreements provide possible models.

  • Directly engage with Russia to reduce tensions, avert miscalculation, and to build a viable European security arrangement that includes nuclear arms reductions.

  • Specifically, offer withdrawal of US nuclear warheads stationed in NATO countries in exchange for Putin not installing weapons in Belarus. This could be implemented when Russia and Ukraine implement a peace settlement.

  • Support debt relief and debt cancellation for Ukraine as it copes with the destruction of the war.

  • $$$ for Climate, Healthcare & Housing, NOT Weapons to Enrich War Profiteers.

Note: Former President John F. Kennedy resolved the Cuban Missile Crisis by agreeing to remove US missiles from Turkey in return for Russia removing nuclear missiles from Cuba. Presently, the US has installed nuclear weapons in five NATO countries. Biden and Putin could meet to discuss denuclearization and a resumption of arms control agreements abandoned under the Bush and Trump administrations.


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