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Rise, Love, Resist at the 2017 People’s Climate March!


Join or organize an action on April 29!

Rise with us in DCOakland, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, or join/organize another local action!

People’s Climate March CODEPINK Social Media/Outreach Toolkit

Multiple crises are threatening the people of our communities, our country, and our world, and menacing our very planet. Military and climate wars are destroying lives and the environment, and creating enormous flows of desperate refugees.

In this toolkit you’ll find everything you need to spread the word about the People’s Climate Movement for Peace.

Top 4 Requests


Send an email to your supporters/friends/family.

Share our peace message with your friends and networks. We need to Save the Planet, Stop War!

You can find sample email here —feel free to adapt and use it however you see fit.


Help build buzz on social media.

We’ve created sample recruitment materials for you to use, but feel free to create your own. You can find sample facebook posts and tweets below, and sample images here.


Join us on the streets

Rise with us in DC, Oakland, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, or join/organize another local action!


Sign on to the #No54BillionForWar Campaign!

Our environmental and human needs are desperate and urgent. We need to transform our economy, our politics, our policies, and our priorities to reflect that reality. That means reversing the flow of our tax dollars, away from war and militarism, and towards funding human and environmental needs, and demanding support for that reversal from all our political leaders at the local, state and national levels.

Sample Email (Note: We suggest including photos in your emails!)

[Subject: Rise for Peace at the People’s Climate March]

Hi [name],

The war economy, its violence and extractive practices, destroy communities and the planet. Wars and global warming contribute to the enormous flows of desperate refugees, now over 65 million and growing.

During the People’s Climate March, those of us working to end wars and create peace will be rising together. We are the guardians of the future. Without ending war none of us will have a planet that is safe and healthy to raise the younger generations.  Please join us in DC or at one of the People’s Climate March peace contingents in Oakland, Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles! Or let us know if you want to lead a peace contingent in your local march!

For People’s Climate Day, help us stop war, save the planet, and build a more peaceful world.

Please share the image on the top of the this email on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #No54BillionForWar #PeoplesClimateMarch #WarIsNotGreen #SaveThePlanetStopWar

Share this information far and wide to your networks, and reach out to CODEPINK if you have any questions!

Toward a peaceful, healthy planet!


Sample Facebook & Twitter Posts

  • #WarIsToxic, We say #No54BillionForWar. Invest in the health of communities & the planet instead! #ClimateMarch

  • Will you rise for a peaceful & healthy world for future generations? #ClimateMarch #No54BillionForWar

  • The @Peoples_Climate is on Saturday! Join @CODEPINK to rise for peace & say #No54BillionForWar

  • I’m attending the @Peoples_Climate with @codepink because... [insert reason] Will you join me?

Tweet using the hashtags #No54BillionForWar #SaveThePlanetStopWar #PeoplesClimate and #ClimateMarch

Link to share:


You are welcome to use these images in your emails and posts, or create your own. Make them your cover photo, use them for memes, share them with the signup form on Facebook!


Logistics and Links

Where & when is it taking place?

In DC:

Connecting as a CODEPINK Peace presence: We are gathering at 10am to put on our costumes, practice our singing, and enjoy muffins and juice. 

To be part of the peace rally, be at 3rd Street south of Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC, before 11am for our 11am–12:30pm rally before marching.

In Oakland:

Codepink Golden Gate will do a DEFUND TOXIC BANKING action around 12pm @ Lake Merritt, followed by pink booth, and speaking from the stage at 3:30pm.

In Los Angeles:

Meet with us in Pershing Square at 8am (an hour before the march) to discuss the importance of talking about peace in the climate justice movement and have breakfast together, and be ready to march!

In Chicago:

Meet up at Federal Plaza (50 W. Adams St., Chicago) at Noon.

In Dallas:

Meet up at 9:30 AM - 12 PM
Dealey Plaza, 411 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75202

Let Leslie know you can join her. Email Leslie Harris: [email protected] 


Do you want to lead a peace contingent in your city? Let us know!

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, suggestions, or resources you would like to see. Email: [email protected]

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