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Pink Slip Pelosi for Valentines: San Francisco, CA

Join CODEPINK SF Bay Area at our Party and Peoples Assembly at Pelosi's palace on the hill and express that she must stop being a cheerleader for genocide and we need to bring the money home for the needs of her constituents in SF. 

Representative Nancy Pelosi made a BIG mistake. She said on national television that people calling for a ceasefire in Gaza are paid agents of Vladimir Putin and stood and shook her finger at us telling us to "go back to China where your headquarters are." Given that, we are thrilled to announce some street theater where "Vladimir Putin" will be joining us at Pelosi's on to distribute a suitcase full of ruble to activists calling on Pelosi to support a ceasefire in Gaza.

At our Peoples Assembly, constituents are invited to make statements to Pelosi. Voters have been unable to contact their Representative to Congress since her office is permanently closed and she doesn't hold town meetings.
What would you like to tell Pelosi?

Activities include:
- Making an children's altar with flowers and little shoes to represent thousands of murdered Gazan children
- Valentine crafts: make your own valentine for Pelosi with our craft supplies
- Colorful sidewalk chalking and blood-red handprints, decorating
- Sing-along; dancing; chanting
- Fun children's activities
- Take part in a little skit called "More War Please!" You can play Joe Biden, Anthony Blinken, Lloyd Austin, Nancy Pelosi, Lockheed CEO James Taiclet, etc. or the people who want Pelosi to resign.
- Refreshments include blueberry and cherry "Scones Not Drones", fruit, hot coffee and tea, snacks.




Pelosi's house
2640 Broadway St, San Francisco , CA 94115, United States,

Google map and directions


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