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Peace Expo at Beale Air Force Base

Beale AFB is the nearest drone military base to the Bay Area, and is involved with the illegal killing by remotely controlled drones. Ours is a peaceful action in response to the Air & Space Expo scheduled that day.  Leafletting, bannering, 2 hr. shifts. Propagate peace:  “There is no glory in war.” 
Optional:  Potluck & Peace Camp, Fri. night, 5pm.  Main Gate, N. Beale Rd.  Also, please join our monthly 2-day anti-drone, anti-war vigils and peace camp at Beale AFB, known as “Occupy Beale AFB.
FMI & carpooling:  Toby, [email protected].  510-215-5974  

Can we count you in?




Beale Air Force Base
Marysville, CA, United States,

Google map and directions

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