Peace Camp: heal, learn & decolonize!


The past ten months of organizing have taught me the necessities of healing & embodying a culture of accountability, relationality, and love. Join me August 26-27 at CODEPINK’s Peace Camp in Sonoma County to learn how femme organizers have taken a decolonial approach in their peace building work.

Not sure what a decolonial practice of organizing or coalition building means? No problem! I have invited friends and organizers to share with us on the “Just Transition” and “Accomplices not Allies” sessions on Saturday & Sunday to explore these ideas.  Ohlone leader Johnella La Rose will speak on indigenous history of the Bay Area and welcome us to the land we will be occupying. Toni Cervantes and Irene Montantes will share their work from Standing Rock to the divestment movement to the initiative for a public bank in Los Angeles. Mianta Mcknight of Justice Now will model what a just transition to local peace economies looks like in practice in the reentry processes for people coming out of California women's prisons. Rebecca Merton will speak about Community Initiatives to Visit Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC)’s cutting-edge work to shine a light on human rights violations in immigrant detention centers.

I hope you can join us, there is much to learn, share, discuss, and put into practice and action! Register for CODEPINK’s Peace Camp here!

Of course, there will be tons more offerings from the CODEPINK team about current & future campaigns, and more special, amazing guests!

In solidarity, peace, and love,
Paula Kahn and the CODEPINK Team

P.S. Check out our full schedule!

Saturday will be a space only for womxn, trans people and gender-non-conforming people.

  • Registration is at 9, sessions begin at 10, our walk to Solstice Hill will be around 6, followed by dinner.
  • This day is about divesting from the war economy and how we grow local peace economies with a commitment to a Just Transition.
  • The CODEPINK team of Ann, Ariel, Brienne, Haley, Jodie, Mariana, Mary, Medea, Nancy, Paula, and Taylor will lead us through connecting, stretching, learning, sharing and caring. With special guest speakers: Former Mayor Gayle McLaughlin of Richmond, Mianta McKnight of Justice Now, Peyton Provenzano of Berkeley CopWatch, Toni Cervantes & Irene Montantes and Diane Monroe.
  • There will be dancing, singing, drawing, writing, walking, sharing meals, meeting new people and connecting with those you have been in the streets with for years.

Sunday all people and genders are welcome.

  • Registration is at 9, sessions begin at 10, our walk to Solstice Hill will be around 6, followed by goodbyes.
  • This day we will dive deeper into all the ways we are engaged to end war and bring the money home to the needs of our communities. We will learn together and in workshops.
  • The three workshops tracts are Accomplices Not Allies, Solidarity with Palestine, and Skill Building.
  • Our guest speakers are: Ohlone leader Johnella La Rose, Military Family Activist Stacy Bannerman, Dr. Jennifer Martinez, Executive Director Faith In Action Bay Area (formerly SFOP/PIA) and affiliate of the PICO National Network, Palestinian-American activist Nadya Tannous of Interfaith Peace Builders, Retired U.S. Army Colonel turned peace activist, Ann Wright, Dr. Jennifer Martinez, Executive Director Faith In Action Bay Area (formerly SFOP/PIA), Ayesha Khan, a Pakistani journalist, researcher, and activist, Rebecca Merton of Community Initiatives to Visit Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC) and Jasmin Tobar of CISPES.
  • And back by popular demand, the amazing Nina Wise will lead us into the power of our bodies.

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