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Be in Action for Palestine!

There are plenty of easy but effective actions you can take for Palestine every day! Check out the list below and create a habit out of taking all or some of these actions daily!

Social Media

Tweet at the White House Press Correspondents

And tell them to ask Biden, “After defunding UNRWA, what is your plan to stop Israel's starvation of Gazans?” All you need to do is click here to tweet it out!

Repost News and Updates on Gaza From These Accounts to Your Instagram! 

Call Congress

Call Congress to demand a ceasefire and restored funding to UNRWA!

Make sure to leave a message if they don’t respond! Just call 202-224-3121 and ask to be directed to your Congressperson’s office, make a call for each of them! You can use this script. 


Be visible in your support for Palestine!

Wear a keffiyeh or other clothes and accessories that express your support for Palestine when you‘re in public. You can also make a sign to keep in your window with phrases like “Free Palestine!”, “End the Siege on Gaza Now!”, “Ceasefire NOW!”, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free!”, or any other phrase that expresses your support! 

Posters for Rallies & Protests

Biden: Blood on your hands Poster 18x24

Genocide Joe Poster 18x24

Have a Heart for the Children of Gaza 17x12

Children Call for a Ceasefire 8.5x11

Take Action Locally!

Flyer local restaurants + shops that support genocide!

Starbucks Coffee Flyers


Color flyer full page | With white border

Black and white flyer full page | With white border | QR CODE

Mcdonald's Flyers


Color flyer full page | With white border

Black and white flyer full page | With White border | QR CODE