Tell Congress: Pledge to Vote No on Supplemental $$$ to Israel!

CODEPINK is calling on every member of Congress to pledge publicly to vote NO on any new bill that includes any military aid to Israel. We will keep track of everyone who makes the pledge here

If you live in the US, send the letter below to your Representative and Senators, asking them to take the pledge. If they contact CODEPINK signing off on the pledge, we’ll record their names here. 

If you live in or outside the US, sign the petition below encouraging Congress to take the pledge. We’ll deliver the petition to members of Congress who need a bit more encouragement to make the commitment. 

Israel has been committing genocide in Gaza for over 5 months yet the US government is still trying to send more funds to Israel. Israel’s genocide campaign has shown us irrefutable evidence of what Israel does with the American weapons it receives. It uses them to murder innocent Palestinians in extremely horrific ways. The death toll in Gaza has risen to such an unfathomable number that saying “30K Gazans have been murdered by Israel” hardly elicits a response anymore. 

Congress is well aware of Israel’s crimes in Gaza, and there is no way to justify sending more funds to Israel. We, the undersigned, ask that you take a pledge to vote “NO” on any bill that includes funding for Israel. 

CODEPINK is putting together a Congressional Tracker, much like the Ceasefire Tracker, of members of Congress who take this pledge: 

“I commit to vote against any bill that includes any supplemental aid to Israel and I will not support any procedural measures that will advance such a bill.”

To join the pledge, have a member of your staff email [email protected]

We hope you represent the interests of the international community, and make the morally sound decision to take the pledge. 

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