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1000 Grandmas + Their Loved Ones Calling To End Genocide

Join us for Mother's Day 2024 as Grandmothers and their loved ones from across the country come to DC to demand an end to the genocide of Gaza and a free Palestine!

Inspired by Holly Near’s song to “Send in 1,000 Grandmothers,” we join with CODEPINK in inviting all women of tender heart and strong conviction to assemble in our nation’s Capital on May 9th and 10th to raise our collective voices for a ceasefire in Palestine and an end to all war. 

We chose this time, a lead-in to Mothers Day, as a reminder that long before Hallmark, Mothers Day was created as a call for peace. So, we will gather together on Thursday evening, May 9th, to amplify that call and sing out for a lasting peace and for the liberation of oppressed people everywhere.

In addition to women singer/songwriters, and women who sing in community choruses, we invite ALL women to join their voices with ours. (A good singing voice is absolutely NOT necessary!)

In addition to the songfest on Thursday evening, plans include gathering on Thursday morning – and again on Friday morning, May 10 – for two days of visiting (aka lobbying) our respective Senators and Representatives to make known our demands for an immediate ceasefire and unimpeded humanitarian aid, and to hold them accountable.

Other opportunities for singing (and possibly wailing) will no doubt arise. While the thursday night venue in DC has not yet been finalized, we are sending this notice now so that you can make your travel plans to DC. If you need more info or can’t find us the day of, you can call Michelle Ellner 407-431-4594.

Thursday night: Gathering for lasting peace and liberation of all oppressed people. Good singing voice not necessary! Location TBA

Thursday: Meet 10 in Rayburn Cafeteria. 45 Independence Ave SW, Washington DC 

Friday: Meet 10am in Hart Atrium. 120 Constitution Ave NE, Washington DC

Can we count you in?

What days can you join?
Thu, May 09:
Fri, May 10:




U.S Congress (see event description for details)
Washington, DC, United States,

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