Occupy Wall Street. Challenge Obama. End the Wars and Fund Human Needs.

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

All of our messages are intertwined. While some may question the utility of staying in the streets without "unified demands," the people of Occupy Wall Street understand that the only way to make real change is to challenge the system by standing up and being counted. In public.

Watch Medea's interview on #OccupyWallStreet with Oz House Alt News:

LA CODEPINK was present yesterday at both Obama LA fundraisers to challenge him to immediately end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bring all troops and contractors home and ensure real human security by creating jobs and ensuring access to healthcare, education, housing and food. Check out the CBS LA coverage of his appearance, featuring a quote from me around the minute mark.

CODEPINK NYC Coordinator Melanie Butler was interviewed on KPFA's Letters and Politics program today. Listen to it online.

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